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Hair Extensions Aftercare

Once you’ve had your hair extensions done, it’s important to look after them properly so that they stay in top condition. Unfortunately, your gorgeous new hair does require some extra care and attention!

I will explain and show you exactly how to care for your extensions. This hair extension aftercare guide is for people interested in getting extensions and are curious about the care needed to maintain them. Or a reminder for clients who already have extensions fitted.

1 Brush hair thouroghly multiple times a day

With your free hand, keep pressure on the base of your extensions to eliminate unnecessary tension and pulling while you brush.

2 Don’t forget the oil 

Use an IBE®️ stylist recommended oil or serum through ends once per day on dry hair.

3 Always use professional products 

Always use professional products including a sulfate/paraben free shampoo and conditioner. Use leave-in conditioner and treat with a deep conditioning mask once a week. If applying heat, use a heat protectant. (Seek product recommendations from your stylist)

4 Avoid swimming in chlorinated pools or salt water 

If swimming cannot be avoided, rinse first with tap water and then apply a leave-in conditioner. Before swimming, braid hair tightly to avoid excessive tangles.

5 Working out, saunas and the beach

When activities take place in damp or humid conditions such as workouts, steam rooms, saunas, beaches or lakes, make sure the extensions are dried immediately after. Focus on the top of the weft.

6 Avoid sleeping with wet hair

Before going to sleep, always loosely braid hair or place in a top knot to avoid matting.

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