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The Studio Meraki Difference.


look great,
feel amazing!

Danielle Wessley

Through hair I empower women.

And when women empower women. Great things happen.

I treat each client relationship as unique, and a source of continued inspiration to help empower today’s women with confidence building hair. I'm here to elevate the standard of hair extensions.


For my clients and For my community.

Studio Meraki

Studio Meraki

About me

My mission is to create a relaxing and welcoming salon environment to help each and every client reach and maintain their hair goals. Studio Meraki is a full service hair salon that specializes in blonding and Invisible Bead Extensions®️. 

Daniel Wessley

I live and breath this industry.

I’m not just the best, I believe in offering my clients the best.

Hair is an important part of a woman’s identity. It is a symbol of self-expression and can be used to make a statement whether it may be temporary or indefinite. With the variations of hairstyles that can be achieved with extensions women can continue to find freedom in their hair.


I love Danielle so much!! She is the absolute best and delivers every single time. Highly recommend getting your hair done with her!!


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